I'm posting this mostly for those of you who aren't in America and might not have an idea of the national unrest happening in my country right now. It's because of this video of police officers killing a man and not facing any consequences for doing so. A man who pleaded for his life as he died and whose pleas were ignored. It's very difficult to watch, but you should watch it. I'm personally at a total loss for words and have been for weeks. This case is the second time in 10 days police officers have been acquitted for murdering unarmed citizens and facing zero consequences. The video is very difficult to watch, but I urge you to watch it if you've never seen it. The whole thing. Afterward, consider there's Americans saying the victim had it coming and … [Read more...]

I Need a Warband …Join Me!

So Mount & Blade Warband, arguably the best RPG to be released this century (I know, that's saying A LOT), is coming out with an expansion next month, Viking Conquest. I will no doubt invest another 300 hours in this game before the year is out. It's AWESUM. I want to find out how many of you are fans of the game, or at least curious enough to try it. Steam has it on sale and I've got a few giftable copies to share with anyone interested trying it. Trust me when I say it's everything RPG lovers hope RPGs to be: violent, political, diplomatic, dynamic, romantic and of course full of adventure. There's no game currently on the market which offers nearly as much untold adventure as this franchise-- and I mean untold literally. You never know what's going to happen to you, what friends … [Read more...]

Doone’s Life

It's that time of year where things get intensely busy. It was already pretty busy before I had all of my babies, but now it's all I can do to know the date! Writing has been sparse because I've been scarce. Between working, family, and making time to live life, writing has fallen by the wayside. I suspect this will continue through the end of the year until after the holidays. So with that, here's an update to give you all a warm fuzzy feeling about my absence. What you need to know: IT'S NOT YOU! It's me, k? As some of you may have heard, my fourth baby is on the way and we're expecting them in January. No, I don't know the sex of the newest -- we never find out before hand and it's been a pleasant surprise each and every time. Right now I have two girls and one boy who's the … [Read more...]

Is PvP a Cover for Bullying?


So I missed the entire blogfest in the middle of October where several bloggers wrote pieces about open world PvP in MMOs, a time-honored favorite subject of game bloggers. Aywren at Sygnus started a lively discussion about the psychology of carebears and Murf, Izlain, Eri, and Belghast wrote their own responses. The comments sections of each have many others in the community giving their points of view. One point mentioned by a couple of players was that part of the reason they stay way from PvP is because of what is essentially bullying. And those bullies give the entire PvP community a poor reputation and it's sort of a vicious cycle: fewer people PvP than PvE because of bullying so fewer people PvP than PvE. Not all PvPers enjoy the same form of PvP. There are lots of players who … [Read more...]

Bragtoberfest, I am Proud of You!


Thank you to Izlain at Me vs. Myself and I for putting together a great month of gaming for bloggers. I told him before that I thought Bragotoberfest is an amazing idea and he was right as well when he told me that gamers need some event like this RIGHT NOW. Gamergate has made it easy to put aside the joy of games because things have been so (rightfully) serious. But Bragtoberfest has been celebrating the very thing that's made any of us want to write about games in any kind of way. I managed to convince several of you to play some games with me this month and I want to thank you for entertaining me! Some of you got Pacman DX+, some of you learned the awesome of Mountain. It's been real and Doone's Peak, I'm proud to announce, has dodged annihliation twice and is still standing! None … [Read more...]

The Night Sky Brightens

About a day ago I learned that Jerleminara, Twitch streamer and former employee at Riot, killed herself. Yesterday was actually a good day, but it took everything I had to keep smiling after reading what happened. I don't remember who told me the news, but when I heard I went looking for articles and found only 1. Jerle shot herself in the head with a double barrel shotgun. She did it after posting a goodbye letter on Facebook, which was what made me sad. Up until then my mood was fine, I didn't know her personally, but deaths are always sad. After reading, my emotions were kind of high just imagining trying to talk my friend down from a ledge. The replies to her letter are many of her friends looking for her address, trying to get police to her house, and begging her to call a suicide … [Read more...]

Of Mountains of Love


This is just a friendly reminder and invitation for the uninitiated to become part of the Bragtoberfest mountain range.It's just a spur of the moment idea in which we all become one with our mountains. Mountain is a "game", the object of which is to raise a great mountain, nourish it and cherish it. All you have to do is let it play in the background while you're doing whatever you want. I even found a way to make it into my screensaver! Love your mountain. Be one with your mountain. Then post pictures of your mountain for Bragtoberfest! … [Read more...]

Sexy or Sexualized No. 9


I present you with Katarina from League of Legends! Caveat: Riot has really done a great job in recent years of acknowledging the shortcomings of their art and in diversifying it. They won't be getting rid of sexualized characters ...something that continues to be problematic. But I think they've been trying to be more inclusive. That said, equal opportunity sexualization isn't a great solution. Is there anything inherently wrong with sexualization?   … [Read more...]

Running with the Shadows


I'm a Rigger. Drones? Yep! Submachine gun? I got it. Grenades? Of course. Slap on a few implants for enhanced deadliness and I'm a dimmer, an almost human killing machine. It's a perfect blend of practicality and death. It's a dark world out there, filled with mostly shadows that me and my crew slink beneath. Shadow doesn't even begin to describe my dystopic existence. Human includes all the races - trolls, elves and orcs. But there's "normal" culture and all the rest are some variation of almost-human, monster culture.Funny how that works out because we all look like monsters down here, but what passes for normal is particularly gruesome. In the shadows we call the Others meta-humans. But in deep reality we're all human in the only ways that matter. Shadowrunning makes a very strong … [Read more...]