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The Last Summer

Well, it’s been one helluva run. I’m sure I”ll continue to write, some way some how. But it’s pretty clear the past year that my life is changed forever. I won’t be able to continue this blog the way I used to. My family grows and will definitely become even larger. The kids are growing up and finding interests of their own and before I knew it …time that was once mine is no longer. Took me a long time to realize that. At least a year XP Chronicles and TR Redskies will close the book after this post. I’ve still got my mind set on a podcast or video blog that focuses more on my life and how media like video games intersects with it. I’ll be in touch. I love this community. It’s growing and that’s always a good…

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Write Your Worst Article

This piece of advice was from the second NBI, but I think it’s really important so I’ve updated it here and I hope you find it helps you to publish more articles Bloggers, I want you to write an article that you feel isn’t your best, or isn’t good or isn’t pretty or isn’t coherent or is boring. Then I want you to publish it. As writers (and really, any creative person) we live in a culture where we’re always encouraged to put forth only our best, to show the world only our best faces ….and to hide our worst, make it seem as though our goodness just flow instinctively — without practice, without patience, without flaws and failure. And that’s bad. It keeps us from trying things we want to try or writing things we want to write. It’s…

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Doone’s Excellent Adventure

In response to NBI 2016 writing prompt for week 2: Your ideal game and all it’s glorious features. There was a time I would have described an MMO of some sort. I look back at some of the ideas I had about games and MMOs and what’s ideal and that’s changed quite a bit over just the past 3 years. There was a time I would have asked for something like a smart group finder, or total character characterization — from the characters hip dimensions, sexy bits, and default gestures to custom voice overs. And that would still be pretty amazing. But time has also given me a little insight about myself and the kinds of games that truly keep me occupied and satisfied. I’d like to see a game like Civilization, but non-linear and non-western centric. I’d like that…

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NBI 2016 has arrived …now what?

Well it’s been a busy end of May trying to pull all the pieces together from last year. I wasn’t around so I really wanted to catch up to the new blogs, the events, just how the community responded last year. Also, sorry I’m writing this from my personal blog. I’m still trying to grab all of the split up pieces of the NBI site. And that’s part of what this post is about: What’s going on for NBI 2016? Well for starters, NBI will finally get it’s own home. A real home. Members of the community have been graciously paying for it and maintaining it over the years, but last year no one was really able to take on the responsibility. So Liore stepped in and hosted the site, but as you all can see there’s no site right now! Just…

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Of Swords and Daggers: Penis in Games

Rust is the most recent “experiment” with the male body. It does something almost no movie, game or even comic book will do. It shows the penis in all it’s floppy glory. Unlike a penis, Facepunch didn’t shrink from putting it all out there. It’s so rare to see penis in games that in the early days of it’s testing players gleefully ran around with their wangs in the wind, recording countless videos and streams of “running while nekkid” or “the nekkid murderer” or the terrible, but nonetheless important, creation of the Penis Brotherhood whose rites of initiation included the new member (some poor player they’ve surrounded) being gang raped by all current members. There’s so much to learn in that example, but it makes one wonder about the relationship these players drew between their digital bodies and violence. A topic for another day, I do wonder…

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NBI 2016 is a week away!!!!

I’m very scared. This came even faster than I thought. And I’m not prepared. But here we go So for the month of June, we’ll all be on the look out for newbie bloggers. But now is a good time to emphasize: we use the term “blogger” around her extremely loosely. The event could as well be called Newbie Author Initiative and be just as accurate. You don’t need to blog to be participate. You just need to be an digital author of some sort: podcasts, blogs, vlogs, streams, whatever you do. Also in the past we’ve focused a lot more on the gaming community, but I think it’s awesome to stumble upon generally geeky blogs. Maybe the author is a huge fan of comic books, or sci-fi novels. While I can only speak for the community I’m a member…

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NBI 2016: Coming in June

I’m probably the last person you expected to see around here announcing NBI, but here I am. Here’s some information about what you can expect so far: Round up: Each week during June I’ll post a round up of our newbie bloggers Twitter: When I get a link to a new blogger, I’ll be sure to retweet it out Communication: Twitter is truly the best, but we’ll add Discord to the list for gamers. If there are other communities that have communication preferences, I’d at least like to hear about them so we can keep that in mind. I’m the last person to have an entire month to dedicate my attention to this event, but …I really feel this is an important thing we do in the community. And taking the year off doesn’t seem like the right move either. Unless…

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Whaddya think: 7 Grand Steps on Female Domination

I told the whole story on Twitter. To sum up: 7 Grand Steps is like a board game. You start off as an individual back in the prehistoric days and your goal is to advance your family for generations to come. During one amazing age of progress my family climbed the social ladder and one of my daughters (family heirs) became minister. No man in the kingdom would marry her. One offered to kill himself rather than marry her. The screenshot above shows the options I was left with after all available partners were taken and I was left a spinster. She was the most respected person in the kingdom …and no man would have her for a life long partner because of that. Personally, this is illustrative of the proper place and power of games. It’s not that game can’t…

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Dark Souls through the American Lens

I remember purchasing Demon’s Souls on some vague recommendations through various rumor mills. The common “it’s stupid hard” bit didn’t attract me. Difficulty does not make a game great or appealing for me.  What got me to buy the game was witnessing it’s dreary, beautiful art on it’s website. After seeing the site, I started reading small bits of lore from various sites and I stopped there. I knew I wanted to try it and I didn’t want to spoil the experience. The light darkness of Demon’s Souls My first impression when I spawned in Boletarian Palace: It was a darkness you could feel, see and hear. There ws no music, just environmental sounds from wind rustling, debris tumbling, the light groans of the walking dead, the echoes within the palace. It was abandoned. Wreckage and bones littered the bridge…

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The Mysteries of Hyper Light Drifter

I used to complain that I had more games in my library than I had time to play! And this is still true for many of us these days — I’m so saturated with games. 2015 turned out to be unintentionally good for me in that regard. I literally had no time for games so I bought just 1 game a month via IndieBox. Whatever time I found, I used it to try only those games and that’s how I came across Axiom Verge, an amazing little metroidvania with the same mysterious story line as Hyper Light Drifter. HLD is more zelda-esque. This post will be full of spoilers and very light on gameplay review. I just want to list out some observations I made while playing he game that remain mysterious and intriguing. I think some of this was just…