The Night Sky Brightens

About a day ago I learned that Jerleminara, Twitch streamer and former employee at Riot, killed herself. Yesterday was actually a good day, but it took everything I had to keep smiling after reading what happened. I don't remember who told me the news, but when I heard I went looking for articles and found only 1. Jerle shot herself in the head with a double barrel shotgun. She did it after posting a goodbye letter on Facebook, which was what made me sad. Up until then my mood was fine, I didn't know her personally, but deaths are always sad. After reading, my emotions were kind of high just imagining trying to talk my friend down from a ledge. The replies to her letter are many of her friends looking for her address, trying to get police to her house, and begging her to call a suicide … [Read more...]

Of Mountains of Love


This is just a friendly reminder and invitation for the uninitiated to become part of the Bragtoberfest mountain range.It's just a spur of the moment idea in which we all become one with our mountains. Mountain is a "game", the object of which is to raise a great mountain, nourish it and cherish it. All you have to do is let it play in the background while you're doing whatever you want. I even found a way to make it into my screensaver! Love your mountain. Be one with your mountain. Then post pictures of your mountain for Bragtoberfest! … [Read more...]

Sexy or Sexualized No. 9


I present you with Katarina from League of Legends! Caveat: Riot has really done a great job in recent years of acknowledging the shortcomings of their art and in diversifying it. They won't be getting rid of sexualized characters ...something that continues to be problematic. But I think they've been trying to be more inclusive. That said, equal opportunity sexualization isn't a great solution. Is there anything inherently wrong with sexualization?   … [Read more...]

Running with the Shadows


I'm a Rigger. Drones? Yep! Submachine gun? I got it. Grenades? Of course. Slap on a few implants for enhanced deadliness and I'm a dimmer, an almost human killing machine. It's a perfect blend of practicality and death. It's a dark world out there, filled with mostly shadows that me and my crew slink beneath. Shadow doesn't even begin to describe my dystopic existence. Human includes all the races - trolls, elves and orcs. But there's "normal" culture and all the rest are some variation of almost-human, monster culture.Funny how that works out because we all look like monsters down here, but what passes for normal is particularly gruesome. In the shadows we call the Others meta-humans. But in deep reality we're all human in the only ways that matter. Shadowrunning makes a very strong … [Read more...]

#Bragtoberfest Achievement Round-up


Not as much of a round-up as I want, but I've got links to other round-ups! To see the first week's results Izlain has got you covered. The first Saturday of Bragtober had bloggers get together for some MOBA battles in Strife. My own triumphs this week: Pacman DX+ : I've unlocked 11 of 12 Steam achievements. Little Chris scored 1.3 million in a 5 minute timed match of Pacman, strengthening his claim to the Little Gamer Throne! Banished: The town of Rowler is promising. I've finally scored a couple of achievements which are pretty much endurance challenges. The longer you play, the more inevitable the achievements become. I've got 3! Cook, Serve, Delicious: I nearly burned my reestaurant down this week. The Buzz has finally dipped below 104% which means people are talking … [Read more...]

The Socially Anti-Social

I'm personally looking forward to this. I suspect the movie The Surrogates has a special importance to humanity a warning.

Last week Belghast raised an interesting topic. Izlain brought it up on the most recent Couch Podtatoes episode, and I've been thinking on it ever since. Has technology made us less social? Are we anti-social these days? That's a difficult argument to prove even for those who believe it. We communicate in more and varied ways today than ever. Technology has supported socialization ...but a very different kind, just like all media of any given era. Radio changed the amount of speeches and book readings we could attend. TV made theater accessible to even the poor. Placing a computer in every home has also come with it's bonuses and downsides. We're learning to socialize in dramatically different ways. It's not really surprising that we don't do it in the ways we did even 10 years ago or … [Read more...]

Couch Podtatoes Ep. 15


It's out! Go listen to it! I'm awful at putting out posts when a new podcast is published by my dear friends Eri and Izzy. I only make an appearance once per month, but it's a fun show, just a few gamers talking about what's going on in the blogger community and having opinions. It's linked in the sidebar 24/7. This week's episode is about Bragtoberfest which is coming October 1st. It's a gaming event for game bloggers, so head over to Me vs Myself and I to learn more! … [Read more...]

Mega Server Tech and Player Communities

Belghast has sparked a discussion in light of the fiasco that is the Archeage (AA) launch. Everyone who's tried to play it the past week have met the day-long queues. I think it's a travesty. It seems clear they didn't build a server system suited to the task. AA is using a traditional MMO set-up (multiple, disconnected servers). It has features that makes server modifications extremely difficult and inflexible. AA has fewer servers than it needs for launch and because of the rigid server infrastructure, they can't just add new ones. They've literally developed the game on a server platform that cannot possibly meet the game's needs. Talk about painting oneself into a corner, XL and Trion have done just that. So what exactly is the problem? There's two key issues making the game lame and … [Read more...]

Sexy or Sexualized No. 7

Hawkeye Initiative

Gotta love the Hawkeye Initiative. It takes something people are undecided about and makes it so clear to see. The past few weeks it's seemed difficult for us to tell when something is simply sexy, and I guess that actually makes sense. Sexy is subjective. It's about attraction. I may find something attractive that you don't. But isn't there a commonly or popularly understood definition for sexy too? Sure. We can tell when a picture is trying to be sexy in our culture. It still might not attract us in that way though. Sexualization on the other hand ...well. It's like looking at Greek columns and knowing an Ionic from a Corinthian. … [Read more...]