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Of Swords and Daggers: Penis in Games

Rust is the most recent “experiment” with the male body. It does something almost no movie, game or even comic book will do. It shows the penis in all it’s floppy glory. Unlike a penis, Facepunch didn’t shrink from putting it all out there. It’s so rare to see penis in games that in the early days of it’s testing players gleefully ran around with their wangs in the wind, recording countless videos and streams of “running while nekkid” or “the nekkid murderer” or the terrible, but nonetheless important, creation of the Penis Brotherhood whose rites of initiation included the new member (some poor player they’ve surrounded) being gang raped by all current members. There’s so much to learn in that example, but it makes one wonder about the relationship these players drew between their digital bodies and violence. A topic for another day, I do wonder…

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NBI 2016 is a week away!!!!

I’m very scared. This came even faster than I thought. And I’m not prepared. But here we go So for the month of June, we’ll all be on the look out for newbie bloggers. But now is a good time to emphasize: we use the term “blogger” around her extremely loosely. The event could as well be called Newbie Author Initiative and be just as accurate. You don’t need to blog to be participate. You just need to be an digital author of some sort: podcasts, blogs, vlogs, streams, whatever you do. Also in the past we’ve focused a lot more on the gaming community, but I think it’s awesome to stumble upon generally geeky blogs. Maybe the author is a huge fan of comic books, or sci-fi novels. While I can only speak for the community I’m a member…

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NBI 2016: Coming in June

I’m probably the last person you expected to see around here announcing NBI, but here I am. Here’s some information about what you can expect so far: Round up: Each week during June I’ll post a round up of our newbie bloggers Twitter: When I get a link to a new blogger, I’ll be sure to retweet it out Communication: Twitter is truly the best, but we’ll add Discord to the list for gamers. If there are other communities that have communication preferences, I’d at least like to hear about them so we can keep that in mind. I’m the last person to have an entire month to dedicate my attention to this event, but …I really feel this is an important thing we do in the community. And taking the year off doesn’t seem like the right move either. Unless…

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Whaddya think: 7 Grand Steps on Female Domination

I told the whole story on Twitter. To sum up: 7 Grand Steps is like a board game. You start off as an individual back in the prehistoric days and your goal is to advance your family for generations to come. During one amazing age of progress my family climbed the social ladder and one of my daughters (family heirs) became minister. No man in the kingdom would marry her. One offered to kill himself rather than marry her. The screenshot above shows the options I was left with after all available partners were taken and I was left a spinster. She was the most respected person in the kingdom …and no man would have her for a life long partner because of that. Personally, this is illustrative of the proper place and power of games. It’s not that game can’t…

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Dark Souls through the American Lens

I remember purchasing Demon’s Souls on some vague recommendations through various rumor mills. The common “it’s stupid hard” bit didn’t attract me. Difficulty does not make a game great or appealing for me.  What got me to buy the game was witnessing it’s dreary, beautiful art on it’s website. After seeing the site, I started reading small bits of lore from various sites and I stopped there. I knew I wanted to try it and I didn’t want to spoil the experience. The light darkness of Demon’s Souls My first impression when I spawned in Boletarian Palace: It was a darkness you could feel, see and hear. There ws no music, just environmental sounds from wind rustling, debris tumbling, the light groans of the walking dead, the echoes within the palace. It was abandoned. Wreckage and bones littered the bridge…

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The Mysteries of Hyper Light Drifter

I used to complain that I had more games in my library than I had time to play! And this is still true for many of us these days — I’m so saturated with games. 2015 turned out to be unintentionally good for me in that regard. I literally had no time for games so I bought just 1 game a month via IndieBox. Whatever time I found, I used it to try only those games and that’s how I came across Axiom Verge, an amazing little metroidvania with the same mysterious story line as Hyper Light Drifter. HLD is more zelda-esque. This post will be full of spoilers and very light on gameplay review. I just want to list out some observations I made while playing he game that remain mysterious and intriguing. I think some of this was just…

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How to Win a Fight with Your Lover

I tell this story about a terrible argument I had with my now wife before we were married often. It’s always stuck in my memory as a sort of highlight in our relationship, not just because it was a terrible but very stupid fight (aren’t they all), but because I’ve never understood why this memory has meant so much to me until now. You must understand something only a few of you know about me: I love milk. It is easily my favorite drink in the world. One day we got into an argument about something silly and it got so heated, that I could tell she was just two sentences away from pushing me out of the room in total frustration. For my part, I’m pretty terrible at how to argue so all of my reactions are usually fuel…

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Tinder Romance

If ever there was a time for gamers to rejoice in their romantic prospects, it is now! Well, it’s been for the past 3 years at least. Why? Because technology and the liberation of gender has allowed us to create applications which are pretty much games, but games which can deliver us 1 swipe closer to romantic encounters. I know Tinder doesnt’ really inspire images of lasting love, but it’s been (my friends tell me) a great way to connect with people — even if you only intend to have sex on the first meeting. And yet NONE of my gamer friends use apps like this. Important to this statement is the fact that most of the gamers I associate with are in and around my age (30-something). But even younger gamers I meet find these kinds of apps …disturbing….

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New Sword Fighting Game!

For mature audiences. I’d give a nudity warning but that seems like over promising. It is my hope that the male body can be freed from the confines of traditional masculinity, that we can be seen as equally worthy of video game footage as the many breasts we receive in our games. UNSHEATH THE DICKS IN VIDEO GAMES! Big and small! Chubby and slim! Crooked and straight! Young and old! May they receive jiggle physics in 2016! http://www.pippinbarr.com/games/lofidickfight/

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Love, Sex and Novelty

Recently, my wife and I got a new piece of furniture. I caught myself, not for the first time, happy about the prospects of having sex on it. This was really the only thing I found exciting about the new piece of furniture. Now I asked a few friends if it was just me who had these sorts of random, trivial ideas, but they mostly agreed they have the same sorts of thoughts. After pondering this for a few hours, I came up with other examples of this kind of sexual excitement that we project onto new things and ideas. It’s why a tropical trip with your lover is packed with so much expectation. It’s why a hotel room would ever feel like a locale for sexual adventure. Novelty. Then I started wondering if sex was such a fantasticly, popular…