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The Mysteries of Hyper Light Drifter

I used to complain that I had more games in my library than I had time to play! And this is still true for many of us these days — I’m so saturated with games. 2015 turned out to be unintentionally good for me in that regard. I literally had no time for games so I bought just 1 game a month via IndieBox. Whatever time I found, I used it to try only those games and that’s how I came across Axiom Verge, an amazing little metroidvania with the same mysterious story line as Hyper Light Drifter. HLD is more zelda-esque. This post will be full of spoilers and very light on gameplay review. I just want to list out some observations I made while playing he game that remain mysterious and intriguing. I think some of this was just…

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How to Win a Fight with Your Lover

I tell this story about a terrible argument I had with my now wife before we were married often. It’s always stuck in my memory as a sort of highlight in our relationship, not just because it was a terrible but very stupid fight (aren’t they all), but because I’ve never understood why this memory has meant so much to me until now. You must understand something only a few of you know about me: I love milk. It is easily my favorite drink in the world. One day we got into an argument about something silly and it got so heated, that I could tell she was just two sentences away from pushing me out of the room in total frustration. For my part, I’m pretty terrible at how to argue so all of my reactions are usually fuel…

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Tinder Romance

If ever there was a time for gamers to rejoice in their romantic prospects, it is now! Well, it’s been for the past 3 years at least. Why? Because technology and the liberation of gender has allowed us to create applications which are pretty much games, but games which can deliver us 1 swipe closer to romantic encounters. I know Tinder doesnt’ really inspire images of lasting love, but it’s been (my friends tell me) a great way to connect with people — even if you only intend to have sex on the first meeting. And yet NONE of my gamer friends use apps like this. Important to this statement is the fact that most of the gamers I associate with are in and around my age (30-something). But even younger gamers I meet find these kinds of apps …disturbing….

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New Sword Fighting Game!

For mature audiences. I’d give a nudity warning but that seems like over promising. It is my hope that the male body can be freed from the confines of traditional masculinity, that we can be seen as equally worthy of video game footage as the many breasts we receive in our games. UNSHEATH THE DICKS IN VIDEO GAMES! Big and small! Chubby and slim! Crooked and straight! Young and old! May they receive jiggle physics in 2016! http://www.pippinbarr.com/games/lofidickfight/

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Love, Sex and Novelty

Recently, my wife and I got a new piece of furniture. I caught myself, not for the first time, happy about the prospects of having sex on it. This was really the only thing I found exciting about the new piece of furniture. Now I asked a few friends if it was just me who had these sorts of random, trivial ideas, but they mostly agreed they have the same sorts of thoughts. After pondering this for a few hours, I came up with other examples of this kind of sexual excitement that we project onto new things and ideas. It’s why a tropical trip with your lover is packed with so much expectation. It’s why a hotel room would ever feel like a locale for sexual adventure. Novelty. Then I started wondering if sex was such a fantasticly, popular…

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The Month of Love and History

As usual, February marks the beginning of the Month of Love! To kick it off, I thought I’d do a little reminiscing about the weeks and months I didn’t come to my keyboard to write a blog or even play a game in 2015. The short of it is LIFE. My newest baby turned 1 year old last month. He’s a beautiful, strange little one but he’s healthy and has already picked a favorite sibling, his big sister (who is actually the second youngest). They’re inseparable and they are the first two of my children to take to each other in this way. Not that my babies don’t get along but these two are very close. It’s been incredible to watch how this kind of thing works itself out. I’ve been working hard to care for these little bank robbers….

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Indie Unbox: Apotheon

I’ve been a big fan of Alien Trap ever since they stole my heart with Capsized, a platformer that came about 5 years ago now. That game had suspense and a kind of cool intensity hidden beneath fairly serene (if weird) well-polished graphics and science fiction story. It’s exactly the kind of indie game that gives Indie a good name. Fast-forward to Apotheon, a game that I’ve been anticipating ever since. It’s a good game and it’s controls remind me of Capsized (except somehow worse), but I don’t think it’s as good. Still, it’s very fun, very beautiful and is pretty exciting as a platformer. I can’t NOT recommend giving it a try. First uninteresting thing about it is it’s set in ancient Greece and borrows on the good ole mythology we all enjoy. The story does have a semi-unique twist…

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Indie Unbox: Axiom Verge

Sometimes I really forget how geeky I am. Easy to do when your kids think you’re so cool, but that’s a post for another day. When it comes to games like Axiom Verge, the kid in me comes out and I get that same thrill and excitement I got years ago when unwrapping a good game and frantically clicking past the start screen to get on with my adventure. I had the privilege of total surprise this time. I didn’t know anything about this game before it arrived in my mailbox and I hadn’t heard of it. I only recently learned it came out at the beginning of Summer for console. I’m really glad I didn’t know about it. This game understands itself. It’s a game in the simplest sense. It’s a platformer in the purest sense. It’s a Metroid child we would…

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Indie Box: Old is the New New

This year I became a subscriber to Indie Box and I’ve been really pleased with the product. At first part of me thought $25 might be a bit much for a singular game, but with the relative flood of games in shops the past couple of years this is one of the only ways for me to continue to enjoy games the way I’ve always enjoyed them: low pressure enjoyment and the opportunity to play each game on it’s own merits without worrying about what’s new or what I’m missing or how many games in that other bundle I haven’t played yet and on and on. I think I have pretty good impulse control. What I’ve really needed is good curation to help me find games I truly want to buy. That’s still a huge problem right now for all…

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Congrats PC Gamers, On Being Leet in the Sack

  Helluva comeback article, but after finding this story I just HAD to blog: PC players better in bed than Playstation and Xbox rivals, study finds Get those numbers up, though. 20% at excellent is …cool. But half of us are ONLY “good”. Get out there and warm those beds, PC gamers! Show them our leet skillz in the bedz! In before the “they suck” puns … In other news: Doone will not blog much during the holiday season …but I’ll be back for the new year.